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Streamaster is a medium sized company which is part of the Spidernet Hosting Pty Ltd group of companies (ABN 491 322 891 80) based in Brookvale on Sydney northern beaches. We have significant warehousing capacity and room for expansion, and have now being offering customers exceptional value for more than 16 years

Larger goods such as white goods and televisions are generally shipped directly from distribution or retailers which offers a desirable cost model enabling Streamaster Australia to offer extremely competitive pricing. For those customers wanting to pick up their goods, any product that is not warehoused here that we sell can be transferred here at no cost and be purchased free of freight charges, simply choose walk in and let us know in comments when you wish to pick the goods up, customers can then pay in person as we have POS facilities here. ***note to would be ram raids, there is a 2 foot high steel post right behind the roller door for you to get stuck on in addition to our back to base alarm system***

As well as offering Media products for sale Streamaster Australia also offer expert consultancy services for both corporate and private purposes. Streamaster have a wealth of knowledge stemming from diverse industries such as Television/OB work, Semiconductor expertise as well as optical fiber.

While The spidernet hosting group of companies has been trading now for approximately 16 years (incorporated in 2008) Streamaster Australia was created in acknowledgment of the demand for higher quality, lower profile and HD capable streaming networked media tanks and at the end of 2008 was appointed a authorised reseller of Popcorn hour media player products, a few months later Streamaster was appointed joint exclusive distributor for egreat range of products for which we are a broad line stockist and distributor to home theater installers and resellers.

In the middle of 2009 Streamaster Australia expanded into the sale of televisions and shortly after white goods and computer products, then early 2010 Streamaster Australia was appointed sole online retailer for a premium brand LCD Baumann Meyer, all product sourced by Streamaster are from authorised Distributors, retailers or directly from manufacturers. Through out 2009 and 2010 Streamaster has enjoyed tremendous growth and are continually expanding their support and sales lines as people seek a "total packaged solution" for their home entertainment needs.

The name Streamaster originates from the media systems division of Motorola semiconductors that dealt with a set top box called the "streamaster 5000". During the early 2000's the owner of Streamaster Australia was responsible for this product in Australia and New Zealand until it was closed down globally by Motorola. This occurred after Motorola inc acquired general Instruments who had their own digital media product "Next". Streamaster 5000 units are still operational in Canberra after approximately 25Million AUD$ in streamaster 5000 were deployed by TransACT.

Unfortunately following the closure of the media systems division there was the now infamous dot com crash and also the Singtel buyout of of Optus. As a result the growth of streaming media and VOD systems in this country has largely been stagnant until now.

More recently however there has been an emergence of what began as PVR technology that has developed into NMT type products. People WANT to be able to connect their entertainment systems to their home network and simulate the types of services we have been promised for so long by the telcos.