Lifespring LS-8000 High Quality Slow Juicer

State-of-the-art cold press juicer with more advanced, sexier features than your average slow juicer. Everything’s always better when it’s done slowly.

Special Price + Free Ceramic Knife and Peeler Set:

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  • Model No.          LS8000
  • Power Consumption      150W
  • Input Voltage    240V
  • Extraction Method          Cold Press
  • Frequency          50 Hz
  • Speed in RPM (rotations per minute)     Rotary Screw - Clockwise 50RPM
  • Juice Extraction Net - Counterclockwise 25RPM
  • Motor   AC
  • Fuse      N/A
  • Rated Usage      30 minutes or less
  • Contents            
  • Juicer Base / Main unit
  • Drum
  • Pulp discharger
  • Strainer
  • Auger / Rotation screw
  • Hopper / Container Lid
  • Pusher
  • 2 Jugs
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Tofu frame
  • Recipe booklet
  • User manual
  • Extra Features  
  • Mutual Counter Rotation System
  • Automatic Reverse Rotation Function


  • Cord Length       N/A
  • Dimensions        223 x 162 x 426 mm
  • Warranty             7 years / Lifetime warranty

There’s a new, sexy, state-of-the-art slow juicer coming to town. It is more advanced and easier to use than any slow juicer you’ve seen before.

With a more powerful motor, attractive design, quieter operation and improved juicing and squeezing mechanism, the LifeSpring Juicer breathes new life into the kitchen.

LifeSpring Juicer Features



Lifespring Slow Juicer MCRS Technology


The LifeSpring juicer is unlike any other juicer you’ve seen before. It integrates the latest technology in juicing - a Mutual Counter Rotation System (MCRS) where the auger and the strainer rotate in reverse directions at a low speed. This new patented technology retains the maximum nutrition in juice and produces a much higher yield of juice compared to other slow juicers.


Your LifeSpring juicer is smart enough to detect those occasions when you overfeed it. It then lends a helping hand by going into automatic reverse function to unclog the drum. Once cleared it will again automatically switch to forward mode, so you can continue to juice with maximum efficiency.
Lifespring Slow Juicer Automatic Reverse Rotation
Lifespring Slow Juicer Easy Cleaning


With a wider juicer outlet at the bottom of the strainer, cleaning is quicker and easier. To use the handy pre-clean function, simply pour water into the juicer and press the start button to quickly flush the juicer between juices or before cleaning. With minimal, easy to clean parts, even a young child can wash the LifeSpring.


The motor and juicer parts are made of high performance materials designed for longer durability and enhanced juice extraction. Moreover, the LifeSpring juicer’s design prevents the motor from overheating, helping to lengthen the juicer’s continuous operation time. Plus, the strong AC motor produces an almost whisper quiet operation.
Lifespring Slow Juicer Low Noise and Durable
Lifespring Slow Juicer Thoughtful Design


Designed with user-friendly symbols, the LifeSpring is exceptionally easy for all users to assemble the juicer and its parts. A slightly slanted feed chute on the juicer allows for the smooth entry of ingredients into the juicer drum, making juicing much easier and faster than ever.


With no blades and no sharp parts the LifeSpring slow juicer is completely safe to handle. It also features a safety mechanism that prevents the unit from operating if the lid is not seated or tightened properly.


Lifespring Slow Juicer Recipes




Complete with user-friendly instruction manual and a colourful recipe book for making muffins, ice cream, and even cocktails, you can do more with the LifeSpring slow juicer than just juice!

Lifespring Slow Juicer Child Friendly
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State-of-the-art cold press juicer with more advanced, sexier features than your average slow juicer. Everything’s always better when it’s done slowly.

Special Price + Free Ceramic Knife and Peeler Set:

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