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  • Firmware Update for VTEN supports ATMOS

    VTEN Firmware version: 01-04-151030-25-POP-427-802 Release Notes: - added smooth scaling which will improve the quality of NMJ thumbnail scaling - added support of LATM AAC - fixed player soft reboot after long hour playback of BD - fixed playback video sometime shows black screen randomly issue - fixed display dialog timeout too fast and render too transparent issue - fixed AAC and M4A format playback without sound issue - fixed corrupted JPEG causing player soft reboot issue - fixed fixed large BMP file causing player reboot issue - fixed audio icon beside the filename show in low resolution issue - fixed for some WAV file unable to start playback issue - fixed unable to wake-up from standby when TV Mode set to 4K issue

    Previous Beta Release Notes: ( - added HDMI Bitstream support for ATMOS - added DSD256 and DSD512 support - added new handling for screen capture for bookmark - added Korean translation for video control module - change screensaver to use fading effect - change the prebuffer animated icons - fixed UI picture tearing issue - fixed for some bdmv, bdiso truehd audio track playback no sound - fixed for some hevc video clip playback no video output - fixed for some bdmv, bdiso unable to start playback - fixed for obtaining corrupted line after enable dvd subtitle - fixed for high resolution vobsub sometimes get corrupted image - fixed for certain mp4 pause at beginning when seek to 0 - fixed for some bdmv, bdiso start playback from beginning when perform seek to certain chapters - fixed for unable to resume from bookmark if trigger stop while TV showing zoom pane OSD - fixed for soft reboot happens when start playback some avi - fixed for etxernal subidx first few subtitles unable to show when start playback from beginning - fixed for rebuffering will happen if switch audio in very fast interval, happen on mkv playback - fixed for soft reboot if mkv switch audio in very fast interval while vobsub is on - fixed for video freeze at certain frame when do iframe backward on some mkv - fixed for certain clips Truehd have no audio and show MPEG1 audio codec after seek and re-playback video - fixed for 3D clip playback in 2D mode unable to change the display option.

  • Cooking lamb curry in the ThermoPro

    How easy is the Thermo to use. Yum lamb curry.

    Lamb Curry Serves 4 Ingredients 20g peeled garlic 40g peeled ginger 1 red chilli seeds removed 1 medium onion peeled & quartered Good handful of coriander 30g olive oil 500g lamb cubed 1 tbsp ground coriander 2 tbsp ground cumin 1/2 tsp turmeric Pinch of salt 600g tomatoes chopped 25g tomato puree 2 medium potatoes in small dice 1 tsp garam marsala

    Preparation Acc. 1. Place in garlic, ginger, chilli, onion & fresh coriander 2. PULSE for 3 seconds with blender 3. Add oil and diced meat saute 2 min 1 100°C 5 Change to Mix container 4. Add ground coriander, cumin, turmeric, salt, tomatoes, tomato puree,potatoes & garam marsala 5. Select 15 minutes Measuring Cup on. Blend speed number 1 temperature 100 deg 6. Follow up cooking for 1 hour at 95 deg, blend speed number 1 7. Serve with rice or potatoes

  • Butter Chicken for 4 people with the ThermoPro in 35 Minutes

    Cooking a butter chicken meal for four people using the Pro Appliances ThermoPro all in one Kitchen appliance in 35 minutes.

    Recipe :

    Ingredients 400g chicken diced into bite sized cubes 2cm piece ginger peeled & grated 1 garlic clove peeled & grated 60g natural yoghurt 2 1/2 tsp garam masala 1tsp chilli powder 1 tsp turmeric Pinch of salt Pepper to taste 3 tbsp tomato paste Juice of 1/2 lime 25g almond meal 1 medium onion peeled & quartered 80g butter 1/2 tbsp olive oil 1 small bay leaf 2 tbsp cream 1 1/2 fresh chopped coriander (save some for garnish)

    Preparation Acc. 1.  First prepare the mixture for the chicken marinade. In a bowl, add chicken, ginger, garlic, yoghurt, garam masasla, chilli powder, turmeric, salt, pepper, tomato paste, lime juice and almond meal. Mix well and put in fridge for at least 20 minutes (the longer you leave it the more depth of flavour will develop) 2.  Place in onion in Blender bowl 3.  Select    Chop   20 secs 4.  Add butter and olive oil  10 mins 2 70°C 5 5. Add the bayleaf and the chicken mixture  22 mins Blend 1 100°C Heat strength 5 6. In the last 2 mins of cooking add cream and some of the coriander 7. Serve with remaining coriander as a garnish and Roti bread (for recipe see page 116)

  • Streamaster Presents Thermo Pro

    Streamaster Australia is proud to present our newest product from ProAppliances the Thermo Pro all in one kitchen appliance. As an introductory special buy this machine from Streamaster and get an instant $100.00 store credit to use on any other product in our store. Below is our first of many tutorials that Streamaster will be presenting and we will also be offering live and hands on demonstrations in our Brookvale store.

    Beef Stroganoff Tutorial using Thermo Pro Food Processor


    1 brown onion peeled & halved 30g butter 30g oil 500g beef strips 250g sliced mushrooms Salt & pepper to taste 100g tomato paste 375ml beef stock 300g cream or sour cream 50g corn flour

    Method :


    1.  Place in onion and select  Chop Program 10 secs 2.  Scrape down sides of bowl, add butter and oil   2 mins 1  100°C 3. Add beef strips, mushrooms, tomato paste, stock cubes, salt & pepper and water. Remove Measuring Cup and place Cooking Basket upside down on top of the bowl lid. Caution: Cooking Basket will become hot

    Time :10 mins

    Blend Setting 1

    Temperature 100°C

    4. Add the cream and cornflour.  10 mins

    Blend setting 1

    Temperature 100°C

    5.Serve with pasta or rice

    Smells so good :)

  • OpenHour Chameleon UHD Media Player

    Cloud media released, not so recently but only recently appreciated UHD media player box called the Open Hour Chameleon.

    Based on the Rockchip RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad Core this media player runs Android, but more importantly it also runs Kodi which is a variant of XBMC. It runs this and runs this excellent media play exceptionally fast and smoothly.Kodi aka XBMC

    Another great application that Cloud have included is something called a Package Installer, and using the token code 8888 users can install Kodi as well as chrome, Showbox, Popcorn time and a bunch of other applications really very easily without messing about.

    Streaming across wifi in most instances (ie as long as you have decent signal strength) is reliable and smooth, at least until someone puts something in the microwave oven. For that reason we still recommend a Ethernet cable over wifi or ethernet over powerline adapter if your media player is on the same circuit as your router/NAS.

    Netflix, Showbox, Chrome, SBMC (Kodi) Netflix, Showbox, Chrome, SBMC (Kodi)

    The latest firmware has addressed many of the early bugs and now plays all of your favorite

    Of course being android users can log into the Google Play Store and download and play many of their favorite play store games and using them with the air mouse which has an embedded accelerometer for control is a really cool experience.

    Openhour also now supports digital signage portrait mode which then offers business an extremely low cost platform for running digital signage using open hour.

    While Openhour will run netflix it will not stream HD netflix, however Kodi, Showbox both stream HD media no problem. To stream Netflix in HD you need a authorized HD box.

    You video of the user interface below:



    More information can be obtained on the Open Hour Wiki here

  • What is so great about OLED

    So whats so great about OLED, which all the fuss, why is it so expensive compared to existing Plasma and LED Technology.

    There are two main benefits to OLED technology, most people are attracted to OLED because of the fact that it is the ONLY technology that actually can exceed Plasma in black level/grey sale performance.

    This is because each and every pixel can be turned off entirely.

    Even plasma TV can not achieve absolute black because of the plasma biasing, but this is not true for OLED.

    Each Pixel in some OLED TVs are actually made up of 4 white OLEDs,

    What?? 4

    Yes that’s right 4 white OLEDs. But you only need three primary colours to make white right??

    Three of them have the primary colour filters in front of them, red green and blue and can be turned off or on accordingly. And the forth has no filter in front of it meaning that the OLED TV can deliver pure luminosity.

    The reason way this makes sense is because the construction of the human eye, We have rods and cones, the rods are the part of the eye that pick up luminosity (black and white) and the cones , we have two types resolve colour. The rods in your eyes are far more sensitive to light than cones hence why night vision can not see much colour.



    The formula for white light using a RGB matrix is 0.59G, 0.11B and 0.3 red. This means simple terms that the human eye is not as sensitive to come colours than it is to others. If you drove all three colour pixels at 100% you would see an off white. Having a pure white sub-pixel making up the main pixel that can be driven at 100% and produce pure white means that the image processor can produce a more pure and bright picture than if only using three RGB pixels.

    The other aspect that makes OLED very exciting is it can be produced on flexible film, meaning that in the future we will see a lot more flexible image producing products and may end up with television wall paper!!, not only that but the LED is produced using organic compounds meaning the amount of energy that is consumed is much less. That and also your not driving a backlight as with LED technology that stays for the most part on even if you have a dark image on screen. Only the pixels that are being used are using energy (actually this was also true for Plasma as well, and indeed the fact is was that lat model plasma sis not draw ON AVERAGE as much as what LED manufacturers would have you believe!!

    OK wall paper TVs are a long way off.

    But in the short term OLED represents a fantastic leap forward in terms of power consumption and contrast rations over existing LED and Plasma Technology.

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